Naylor's Organic Family Farm Stay


Mike and Nori Naylor took over the Naylor family farm located near Dinuba, California in 1979. They are certified organic growers and converted to organic practices in 1984.

Now, the Naylors welcome visitors to the farm by appointment. Experience fruit tasting, farm tours, and a farm stay from mid-May to mid-August! Breakfast is prepared by the couple, and evenings may be spent listening to farming stories or playing board games in the guest parlor.

Stop by this June and U-Pick!

Peaches: Spring Delight, RuthAnne, Summer Night, Summer's End, Summer Glory, School's Out, Back to School

Nectarines: Orion, Flavor Burst #5, Venus, Madonna de Augusto (Chinese)

Pluots: Flavor Granade

Apricots: Golden Sweet, DayBreak, Spring Morning

Snack Plums: Flavor Crunch, Summer Crunch, Autumn Crunch, Autumn Perfection

Plums: Carolyn, Crimson Glo, Black Splendor, King Midas (yellow), Maui Sunset (yellow), Amber Evening, Lipstick

*All fruit subject to availability. Call ahead for details.*
38918 Road 64
Dinuba CA , 93618
(559) 824-0811

Location Map