Kaweah Oaks Preserve


Kaweah Oaks Preserve is located east of Visalia, California. Travel seven miles east of downtown Visalia via Highway 198. Drive north on Road 182 one-half mile. The parking lot is on the west side of the road. Walk past the gate to enter.

This 322-acre preserve protects one of the last remaining Valley Oak riparian forests in California. Visitors can enter a timeless oasis that showcases what this region looked like more than 200 years ago---when Valley Oaks carpeted the length of the Central Valley.

Take a trail hike and see rare native plant species, local birds and other wildlife. You may spot a gray fox, great horned owl, or even a Nuttall’s woodpecker.

Four self-guided nature paths allow sightseers to explore a simpler time, and experience the sights and sounds that greeted Native Americans and early settlers when they came to this area.

29979 Road 182
Visalia CA , 93221
(559) 738-0211
Website: http://www.sequoiariverlands.org

Location Map