Barn Theatre


Roger Merryman, who produced a book on the Barn, The Story of the Barn Theater, as his master's thesis at California State University Fresno, offered a theory on what it is that has allowed the Barn to continue through good times and bad.

"The key to the Barn's survival has always been the people", he wrote. "As long as there have been a few individuals who were willing to put forth the effort to get a play 'on the boards', the Barn has survived. And it will probably continue to survive as long as there are people who will stay involved."

For over sixty years there have been different groups of people keeping the theater going. Volunteers would come in and work hard for a season or two, then drift away to other things, only to be replaced by new faces, energetic, dedicated, and eager to take over where the last group left off. As has often been said, "The show must go on". Who knows, maybe it's time for you to get involved!
42 South Plano Street
Porterville CA , 93257
(559) 781-7177