AgVentures! Learning Center


In California, agriculture is all around us, from fruit trees and row crops to dairy and livestock. The farmer’s life is special and vital to every one of us. It is important that children and adults become aware of how essential the farmer’s job is to our lives. Without those who dedicate their lives to providing us food and fiber we would not have the bountiful harvest that makes California so wonderful. AgVentures! is a fun and exciting way to learn about agriculture. The hands-on exhibits encourage all to step into the boots of a farmer. At AgVentures! Learning Center, students learn using professionally designed curriculum based exhibits.

In 2011 AgVentures! introduced Aggie the AgVentures Cow! (see photo of Aggie the mascot).

For more information or to book your next field trip contact AgVentures Coordinator, Kerissa Chapman, 559-688-1030 or
4450 S. Laspina St
Tulare CA , 93274

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