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The Visalia CVB looks forward to assisting you and your group from start to finish. Let us find the property best suited for your group and budget needs, recommend the best group dining and provide fresh and fun itinerary ideas that will be sure to keep your group wanting to visit Visalia and the Sequoias year after year!

Majestic Mountain Loop

Majestic Mountain Loop (Download PDF)

Explore the unrivaled beauty of Sequoia, Kings Canyon and Yosemite National Parks, in as little as three days! Try this itinerary for a high sierra vacation full of all the adventure you can imagine. Trek to the largest living tree, explore underground caves, hike to stunning waterfalls, and discover the best vistas in all three parks! You’ll enjoy snowshoeing, canoeing, hiking, swimming and more! Do all three parks and you will have completed the Majestic Mountain Loop!

  • Crystal Cave
  • Giant Forest Museum
  • Moro Rock
  • Tunnel Log
  • Flour Mill
  • General Sherman Tree
  • General Grant Tree
  • Zumwalt Meadow
  • Panoramic Point
  • Horseback Riding at the Horse Corral Pack Station
  • Kings Canyon and The Road’s End
  • Wuksatchi Lodge
  • Mariposa Grove
  • Wawona Hotel
  • Glacier Point
  • Tunnel View
  • Sentinel Bridge
  • Day Parking access to Yosemite Falls, Ahwanee Hotel, Yosemite Lodge, Happy Isles and Mirror Lake

Historic Sequoia Legacy Tree

Sequoia Legacy Tree Brochure

In February 1936, Guy Hopping, Superintendent of General Grant National Park (as it was known then) and Visalia Postmaster Nate Levy, planted a pair of sequoia trees on either side of the Downtown Visalia Post Office. The trees, a mere 3 years old at the time of planting, were a gift from Hopping to the Post Master and came from the Grant Grove of trees up in the Park. Hopping spent his winters occupying an office in the basement of the beautiful art-deco post office and thought the trees would be a visual symbol of the collaboration to the two agencies and would bring a bit of the National Parks to Visalia. Although the second tree was removed in the 1980’s due to poor health, this tree has remained as a reminder of the strong relationship Visalia still enjoys with our neighbor’s in the mountains. General Grant National Park was established in 1890. In 1940, it was greatly expanded and renamed Kings Canyon National Park.

Mather Mountain Party of 1915

Itinerary for Mather Historic Tour

It is amazing to discover that Visalia was the birth-place of the National Park Service. In 1915, Stephen Mather gathered a group of influential men at the Palace Hotel in Visalia - that included locals Ben Maddox and George Stewart – to embark on an expedition through the Sierra that would result in the creation of the National Park Service in 1915. The dinner at the Palace Hotel was not for the faint of heart – spicy Mexican food – “probably designed to see who would be capable of enduring the exigencies of the mountain party.” If you are curious for more information, take a look at the Mather Mountain Party walking tour. To get even more history of Visalia in its early days, take the Historic Walking Tour.

Historical Walking Tour

Downtown Visalia Historical Walking Trail (Download PDF)
Take this 45-minute stroll through old downtown Visalia for a history lesson and some good exercise! Along the way you’ll discover old churches, the little white schoolhouse, early hotels and the famous Fort Visalia.
  • Fort Visalia
  • Butterfield Stage Station
  • Little White Schoolhouse
  • First Grist Mill
  • Early Hotel

Native American History in Tulare County

Native American History in Tulare County (Download PDF).

Are you interested in exploring Native American history and want to know more about the original inhabitants of this area? This hands-on exploration will have you traveling throughout the area in search of the amazing contributions made by the Yokuts and Western Mono or Monache people. This tour starts in Visalia and extends into Sequoia National Park (where an entrance fee is required). 

  • Mooney Grove Museum
  • Kaweah Heritage Visitors Center
  • Three Rivers Museum
  • Ash Mountain Visitors Center
  • Hospital Rock
  • End of the Trail sculpture in Mooney Grove

Are We There Yet?

Are We There Yet? (Download PDF)

Families around the world are looking for fun and kid-friendly things to do that entertain- and educate- the kids when traveling. While visiting our local National Parks- Sequoia and Kings Canyon- are the obvious choices, we have a few more suggestions that answer the question, 'We've been to the parks. Now what?' Here are our top things to do with the kids to make them happy, and the parents even happier. Want to sneak in a little education along the way? Take a look at our suggestions of great things to do with kids. 

A Guide to Farm-Fresh Fare 

Guide to Farm Fresh Fare 2018 (Download PDF)

Farm to fork doesn’t get much fresher than this! Visalia is known for its local agriculture, spreading out to the country side of the Central Valley. From year-round farmers markets to annual festivals and agriculture education, Visalia is ready to share its agriculture with you!

  • Fruit Stands
  • Farmers Markets
  • Festivals 
  • Local Craft Beers and Wine Bars 
  • Shops with locally made goodies 
  • Educational Opportunities 
  • U-Pick Farms 
  • Farm Fresh Year Round Restaurants

Trailblazing the Outrageous Outdoors

Pack your gear for this vacation, because here in Visalia, adventure is ‘in our nature.’ Try one of these outdoor excursions that is so accessible you’ll be able to fill your day full of hunting, hiking, horseback riding, fishing, golfing, biking, or another outdoor excursion and still have time to unwind with a dinner and a late-evening stroll downtown. Then, save the river rafting, canoeing, skiing, ice skating and swimming for tomorrow!

  • Sequoia Shuttle
  • Whitewater Rafting
  • Pixley Wildlife Refuge
  • Kayak on Lake Kaweah
  • Mineral King Adventure
  • Ranger-led Snowshoeing and Cross Country Skiing

A Three Hour Tour

A Three Hour Tour (Download PDF)

With hundreds of places to explore in Visalia and our backyard, you’ll definitely wish you had more than 3 hours. But we know sometimes you’re crunched for time. Take a walking tour in Downtown Visalia, catch a game at Rawhide Stadium, enjoy a long lunch, or explore the Sequoia National Forest by horseback! But whatever you do, plan to come back for all the adventures still undiscovered!

  • Downtown Visalia Historical Walking Trail
  • Progressive lunch in Downtown Visalia
  • Rent a boat on Lake Kaweah
  • Take a pack trip at the Balch Park Pack Station
  • Visalia Rawhide Professional Baseball Game
  • Mural Walking Tour

Behind the Scenes

Behind the Scenes (Download PDF)

Explore Visalia and our backyard Behind the Scenes. From agriculture tours to u-pick farms, wine tasting tours and a trek to nation’s second oldest National Park, we’ve got it all, and now we’re willing to share! Come to see where our food comes from, and get a lesson from the expert with tips, tricks and recipes that will change the way you dine and cook forever!

  • Bravo Farms Cheese-making
  • Culinary Demonstrations
  • U-pick fruit adventure
  • Sequoia Shuttle
  • Terra Bella Wine Trail

Culinary Excellence from Farm to Fork

FarmForkCulinaryExperience (Download PDF)

A foodie’s ultimate paradise, Visalia and the Sequoia region have always been hotspots for fresh, farm-to-fork cuisine. And now, the secret’s out! We’re cookin’ up all the finest dishes. From local favorites to sweet treats, creative recipes and concoctions that will literally make your head spin, you’ll never find a destination more ready to dish it up!

  • Cooking demonstrations
  • Progressive lunch in Downtown Visalia
  • Naylor Family Organic Farm
  • Historic Seven Sycamores Ranch
  • Themed dinner at the Southern Pacific Depot Restaurant

Festivals and Events

Festivals and Events (Download PDF)

Annual festivals and events have shaped the Sequoia region into a vibrant destination. You’ll discover unlimited opportunities to experience art, culture, history, taste fresh farm-to-fork cuisine, and enjoy entertainment amidst unrivaled and dynamic natural beauty.

  • Taste the Arts
  • Foodie Fest
  • Trek to the Nation’s Christmas Tree
  • Taste of Downtown Visalia
  • Tulare County Symphony at the Fox Theatre
  • Iris Festival
  • Apple Festival

Mural Walking Trail

Download PDF
  • Smoke Break by Rudy Vargas
  • Coca Cola
  • Sierra Nevadas by Teen Mural Program
  • Moro Rock by Teen Mural Program
  • Read for Life by Colleen Mitchell-Veyna
  • And more!

Additional Maps and Guide

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