The Orange Blossom Quilt Guild Exhibition and Opening Reception

Jan 05, 2018 | 06:00PM - 08:00PM
In January 2018, Arts Visalia is pleased to host their annual Orange Blossom Quilt Guild. The Orange Blossom Quilt Guild is a non-profit organization, that serves as a "teaching" guild that promotes fellowship and education as it pertains to quilts and quilting. They try to preserve and continue the rich traditions, culture, and history of the quilting world by contributing to the knowledge of and appreciation for fine quilts. Arts Visalia is pleased to host such an extraordinary guild.

The exhibition runs from January 3rd to the 26th. The opening reception will be held on First Friday, January 5th, from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. and is sponsored in part by Bueno Beverage, Jack & Charlie’s, the Vintage Press Restaurante, and the Southern Pacific Depot Restaurant.  

Paula Lovett is the President of the Orange Blossom Quilters Guild and has lived in the area for 40 years. She has been sewing since junior high, as well as quilting for 19 years.

Lynn Drennen-Guritz prefers art quilting to traditional piecing. She was partners on a quilt in 2008 that won multiple national and international top wards over a three-year period.

Sheryl Montanez is a local sewing and quilting artist who currently serves as a member of two local quilt guilds. Her first personal accomplishment was a southern bell ball gown and confederate army uniform for a Civil War Era Reenactment club, winning her a second place for authenticity in 1978. Sheryl created her first quilt, an Eleanor Burns “Quilt in a Day” Log Cabin in 1987 and has been quilting ever since. She has shown quilts in the Best of the Valley Quilt Show and earned a second place ribbon for a portrait quilt of her mother in 2012.

Juanita Cairns spent 38 years as an educator. After retiring she returned to sewing and discovered quilting. She is a very eclectic quilter, making everything from traditional pieced quilts to art quilts. Juanita has found joy in teaching quilting to others through classes in design, embroidery, free motion, thread painting and portraits.

These are a few of the quilters that will be participating in the quilt exhibition and are happy to be a part of this event.  

For February, Arts Visalia will be exhibiting Jane Ziegler. Jane Ziegler is from Miramonte, California. She explores with drawing, pastels, and painting. Her inspiration is from the works of Henri Matisse. Jane explores what visual impact means through finding it in nature. The light, the color, and the composition connect with her senses before she identifies what is happening in nature. In looking for this impact, she is always hoping to stumble upon something of the everyday that may already have made an impression on her by its very existence. Things in our personal space, the innocuous objects, also speak to her; the unappealing that transcends to beauty. She looks for the impact in things that might not offer impact initially, through its presentation. Jane is seeking to articulate the “aha” moment in her work.  

Art classes for children and adults will resume in February. Keep a look out for the class lists coming soon. Date to Create is something that was recently added as an every other month art and conversation workshop. The next Date to Create will be in February. Please download registration forms for classes and workshops from our website, or stop in and pick up the spring schedule at the gallery!

For more information and class descriptions, please go to, call us at 559-739-0905 or visit us at the gallery, 214 East Oak Avenue, Visalia, California 93291.