Visalia’s climate provides for year-round outdoor activities and lively festivals!

November-February-Enjoy Visalia’s chilly morning air with beautiful sunny afternoons! Pack long pants and be sure to bring a coat if you plan to be outside in the mornings. If you’re heading to the Sequoias, layering is key. Snow is likely, so heavy socks, coats, gloves and boots are recommended.

March-May-Days are refreshing and comfortable. Pack for the 70’s-80’s. This time of year, you may want an umbrella!

June-August-Summers are hot in Visalia! Be sure to bring shorts, light t-shirts, swimsuits and sandals. There is rarely any humidity, but visitors from different climates will be amazed how hot 90-110 feels. Pack extra water and plan on being inside as much as possible during your trip. These months are perfect for a trek to the Sequoias; just take a light jacket with some tennis shoes and you’ll be good to go!

September-October-Expect perfect fall weather! You’ll see the leaves change and the crisp morning a temperature gives folks a little extra energy. Pack a warmer jacket for the mornings and evenings, but you won’t need it during the day.

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